ElectricTuk - Who we are

Electrictuk is about the people. Our team is what we most value.

We are a young, yet highly informed team with an enormous passion for Lisbon, and we know it from the inside out like no other. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most unique tour of our gorgeous and historically rich city. We strive to share the history of Lisbon with the accuracy and passion that it deserves. Each street, each corner contains secrets and legends which will leave you as in love with Lisbon as we are. The only danger in coming along with us is wishing the tour will never end.

Due to the enormous respect we have for Lisbon and for everything this city has to offer us, we had no other choice but to decide on using electric, green, vehicles for our company. Our electric Tuk Tuks are the best solution you can find when it comes to discovering our city. Each one can take up to 6 passengers, are completely green and do not cause noise pollution.

We believe that non-polluting, non-noisy solutions are the future and should be incentivized and promoted amongst us all. These are the solutions that we make available and want for our beautiful city!

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